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To My Philanthro SF Hipster Sisters

Below is an email I sent out to the lovely ladies of Philanthro SF. It’s been a stressful month or two and we are TWO days away from our benefit event for The Somaly Mam Foundation.

I figured I’d pass along my daily dose of inspiration to these amazing women I work with. Why not, right? It only takes a few minutes to encourage and enlighten someone. And hey, if the roles were reversed, I know I would appreciate a pick-me-up here or there.

Anyhow, I am just grateful that we will be able to witness the fruits of our labor soon. Hopefully! Fingers crossed! 🙂

To my hipster sisters,

Although we might be a bit nervous or stressed (stop stressing.. think about the WRINKLES!!!) on how Saturday’s event is going to turn out, just remember..

As much sweat, time, and tears we’ve put into this night, we are doing it all for an amazing cause. I don’t think any one of us would be putting in the amount of work we have unless we believe in what we’re doing and posess the drive, the motivation, and the passion for those who needs us most.

So no matter what happens, whether we are successful or whether we fall flat on our faces, just remember that we took a risk in dabbling in something new and experimenting with our collective ideas–to throw an event in foreign territory, the Mission, and to put on unfamiliar, operational elements, a cover-band concert.

Although I may not be as eloquent as many of Matt’s inspirational emails, I just want to encourage and engrain the fact that we have been innovative and astonishingly creative in turning our ideas into a reality. Happy hour events? A double-day event of walking and dancing? A silent art auction, live music AND food tasting all in one? Ridiculous.

We are the youngest chapter incepted, yet I feel like we’ve gone a long way in growth and advancement. That in itself, is pretty damn amazing.

There will be elements out of our control and things that come unexpected, but one thing is for certain.. we CAN control how ridiculously cute and smashing we will look this Saturday!!!

Some of you have asked what we should wear or what “hipsters” are. I have attached a folder of images that hopefully can draw some inspiration on what to wear as well as a link to an ironically funny, poke-fun-of-hipsters YouTube video.

All of you are staggeringly amazing and beautiful so have fun, dress to impress, and more importantly work your inner self like it’s nobody’s business! It IS all about the attitude.. after all.

Remember clothing is a choice. We were born naked. Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective and expression is my favorite elective. 😉

– Jenn “J.Sweets” Nguyen