Monthly Archives: May 2011

Starting Anew

Oh. So if you didn’t know…I moved to San Francisco this past mid-March. After months of debating whether I should/should not make the move and having many friends push me towards “the right” direction…I finally pulled the trigger, packed up my belongings, and moved to the Mission.

It’s only been a few months and so much has happened already! Now that I got all my traveling (for now) out of the way, I’ll be staying local and will most likely have a few stories to tell as I explore this beautiful gem of a city.

Also, I’m planning on being better at this blogging thing. As busy as I am on the reg. I need want to share my thoughts, experiences, adventures and most importantly…misadventures in my new home, “The City.”

I’ve been in crazy busy bee mode for the past few days weeks months year and many friends and family have asked me what I’ve been up to and what’s going on with my life. With so many events to plan, projects to design, new places to explore, destinations to uncover…this might just be the most efficient (though less personal) way of sharing.

So here goes nothing, SF. Please be kind.

And let’s hope I can make it past 2 posts this year. (haaaah)

“I’m always out there thinking maybe
Could this be a big mistake?
Have I made the wrong decision?
Is this the right road to take?”

“And I feel the fire burning deep within my soul,
Struggling for protection,
When I reach it, let me know!
And I feel I need some guidance,
But my heart won’t let it show,
And although the road is frightening,
I’m gonna make it on my own!”