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Ode to Meow-sic

“Don’t be THICKE. You don’t need a DOCTOR to figure it out. MUSIQ doesn’t all consist of the mainstream or those who are NOTORIOUS or BIG like pop stars. It doesn’t have to be the STORY OF THE YEAR either. I like the music that has ROOTS. It ain’t gotta be a TRIBE of GHOSTFACE people from the WEST or your GYM CLASS HEROES. It can come from the COMMON people caught in a FIASCO along with the future LEGENDs of the MOS DEFinately dope, the most NASty, HIEROGLYPHICS-writing, DILATED PEOPLES with my fellow SOULJAHs and OUTKASTS, the world has ever known.”



The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Sooooo I moved out of the Mish to Russian Hill with a friend from college. It’s been about a month at the new crib and mayhaps I’ll explain more about this later, but for now…peep them pictures. Kthnxbye!

Outside View of the Building


Wendy’s Room…that minx.
Wendy's Room

Wendy's Room

My Boom Boom Room
My Room

Living Room with perf. natural sunlight.
Living Room