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Rude Awakening / Social Media Whore

I haven’t been able to sleep well lately and last night was no exception. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am-ish when I was already in bed by 12:30 (well…I was still on Facebook on my Droid until maybe 12:40 but anyway…)

About 2 hours later (4am in case you couldn’t calculate and/or if you’re not Asian) when I finally entered through the gates of REM…my eyes flew open.

I was wide awake.

A mosquito bit me! That little effer bit my FINGER and the side of my FACE. WHY?!

Also, how the hell did a mosquito wake me up?


Fortunately, after applying some Hydrocortison Valerte that I just happen to have lying around in case of situations like this (can never be too careful), I fell right back asleep knowing I’ll be Zombie Panda status in the mornin’.


Yet, even so…that doesn’t stop me from starting my day off like any other.

and BTW…


Me?! Social Media Whore?!

Ok. Issss true.


Thought Stream

It’s been a while, but I fiiiiiinally made it to the Richmond to kick it with BMac this past weekend. We decided to pick up some dim sum Saturday morning, but before heading back to his place to devour the glory that is fried taro puffs and dumplings, we decided to pick up some instant Vietnamese coffee packets (crack-in-a-cup) from the local Asian mart.

While he was in line to pay, I wandered over to the Asian bread section…


Thought Stream:

Oooooh! Hawaiian Sweet Bread!

Bread from Hawaii. 


Do I want to go back to Hawaii? 

I wonder how much flights are…



I think I may have a problem…(no I don’t. I’m awesome).