823. She Thinks of Me.

823 - Thinking of You

Soley has zee best timing. I freakin swear, maaaann! Just when those annoying doubts started to sprout up again, I got a full dose of encouragement and support via email.

It’s the simple things…


And I suppose timing too.

Just last week when I was out with Cat getting fondue for dinner after a stressful few days, I received a few surprising texts from Soley.

Sole: You need to move to _____.
Me: I do! Why my dear?
Sole: Jus been feelin like telling u that.
Sole: gut insticts / put the _____ in _____ / bay area will ALWAYS be waiting for u / goldfish is only as big as the bowl / bigger the bowl, bigger the potential growth
Sole: Life is too sort to be living just one. Live as many different lives as possibly can / sj check. Davislife check. SFlife check.
Me: Wow. Thank you so muchhh! I appreciate you so much! Love you 🙂
Sole: U been desiring…follow ur desires b4 momentum /motvation fades …..;D
Sole: *Sole wave high five!!!!*

I’m truly lucky & blessed. Seriously. How often do you find friends that unselfishly tells you to leave them just to follow a dream that seems so far, so unattainable, so unrealistic with no guarantee of a happy ending (whatever that means)?

She’s the Jazz to my Will, the Harold to my Kumar and the Biggie to my Tupac (except living).

sole notes

She left this on my bedroom door a few months ago after a sleepover and it's still there. And yes, we speak in braille. ❤

I am so thankful for people like her being in my life and I only hope that I can be as supportive and encouraging to the people around me when given the opportunity. Gotta pay that ish forward, nahmean?!

And by the way, the above text in the email is from Timothy Ferriss’s The Four-Hour Workweek, another book gathering dust on my “night stand” (it’s actually a fireplace…but same thing…kinda).

Anyhow, after refueling myself with a bit more confidence and drive, I guess it’s time to suit up again! And prepare to do battle for a dream that is worth dreaming…


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