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i wanna dance tonight. i wanna toast tonight.

Well…too bad! Practice was canceled tonight! #womps

So because I’m going to be supes busy for the next 6 weeks or so…I decided to start danzing again (outside the shower…haha)!

Kento and I had dinner a few weeks ago where he easily convinced me to start practicin erry week at the studio down in South Bay.

Endorphins + Creativity = Dance = Perfect Combo.

I’m all sorts of excited.

Just recently I decided to go out less, drink less, and party less to save more money and have more me time. It’s been going well so far, but I DO find it a little funny when peeps look all bewildered and shit when I tell them I don’t like to leave the house on Fridays. They give me that “WTF face” as if staying in is the most ridiculous thing they’ve evar heard.

I suppose if you’re a young 20-30 something-year-old living in the City with a comfortable cash flow,… well, that’s pretty much what you do.

You go out. You meet people. You do happy hours. You party. You dance. You drink. Drank. Drunk.

Spend. Spend. Spend.

Geez, people!

I ain’t rich and I got bills bills bills to pay.

So I guess being aspiring to be the responsible oldest, Asian sister, I gotta put my priorities and lifestyle in check.

Luckily for me, dancing is freeeeeee.

Doing this will prevent me from having too much FOMO when I see my friends’ drunken tweets and FB status updates while they’re out and I’m at home sippin the Pinot in my loungewear, catching up on The Walking Dead.

Though honestly, maybe I’m gettin too grandma status but I actually prefer THAT over wasting my time meeting peeps I don’t really care about, overpaying for dranks I can get at the store (4Loko) and worrying over how I’m gonna get back home from X club/X bar.

I also don’t mind not having buyer’s remorse the next day from spending $X for a few hours of a good time. #TWSS? And hangovers that only a good pho #1 can cure? Yea. Not missing that one bit. Sans the pain and just gimme the pho.

It’s not like I don’t like to party anymore. I do. Just in doses now.

I’ve partied liked the best of them and I partied hard. And mayhaps, it’s a phase or I’m finally growing up, but I seriously can’t do what I did back then anymore. Are you crazy?! Too much, man! I need my energy! I need my sleep! And more importantly, I need my memories!

And let’s be real. I’ve done a lot of things…I probably shouldn’t and won’t share here. Or maybe I will in a future post depending on how I feel ATM. Haha. And though it was all sorts of fun and definitely made great stories I prefer staying in nowadays EVEN if I had hella cash to throw around.

But anyway, I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

Yes, I’m pretty excited to get my dance on annndd save monies. What up! Let’s hope next week’s practice isn’t canceled so I can get it on.

Till the break of dawn.

Ok. J.K. I’m too much of a grandma to dance till dawn but you know what I mean…

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